Work smarter, not harder.

The Solve Intelligence Copilot has been specialized for IP, leveraging the world's best patents to ensure high-quality output. You can quickly configure the AI to draft in your specific style, enabling customization for different fields, clients, and regions.

Instantly deploy our enterprise-ready generative AI into your workflow and immediately expand the capacity of your IP team.

Work smarter, not harder

Choose where you leverage AI.

Our core philosophy is to keep you in the driving seat. Every part of our product has been built to be highly interactive and flexible. You can use AI as much or as little as you like throughout the patent application process.

Choose where you leverage AI

Unparalleled return on investment.

Our product is being used by IP firms across the US, Europe, and Asia, with customers reporting 60-90% patent drafting efficiency improvements.

Unparalleled return on investment

Ensure complete confidentiality.

We take security and confidentiality extremely seriously - that's why we are trusted by IP firms across four continents. No data you upload to or output from our product is ever used for training any AI model. Everything is encrypted; neither we nor any third-party can view your data.

Ensure complete confidentiality


We've been using Solve's product since mid-2023. Within weeks, we were getting exponential improvements for our workflows. We were so impressed that we upgraded our entire firm onto the product. They constantly release new features to help our agents and attorneys draft higher-quality patents efficiently. Highly recommended for all patent firms, large and small.
‘Solve Intelligence's unique capability ensures that the output is always of the highest quality. The customisation feature is particularly impressive, allowing us to draft in our unique style, tailored to different fields, customers and regions. The integration of Solve's AI into our workflow has significantly increased the capability of our IP team; we've reduced patent application drafting time from 20 to 10 hours.’
‘Solve is revolutionary – the first AI tool for patent drafting that works with you to develop the full scope of the invention. With Solve, you can significantly improve patent quality, while reducing drafting cost. It’s not a question of if you should use it, rather a question of how do you not use it.’
‘Solve Intelligence have been great to work with.  They are intelligent, responsive, friendly, and innovate quickly to provide a quality product that is constantly improving.’
‘I recently handled a case using Solve Intelligence’s product and discovered that all I needed to do was paste the verbatim transcript (nearly three hours worth) of my discussion with the client. The AI was then able to grasp the key points of the technology and write good-quality claims, even though a large part of the recording was a casual conversation. It feels truly magical.’


International Patent Office Guidance on Artificial Intelligence Inventions

Stephen Hou, VP & COO of American Patent Agency and long-time customer of Solve Intelligence™, explores the impact of artificial intelligence on patent law, focusing on new regulations for AI patent drafting and AI inventorship across major global patent offices. Stephen describes how jurisdictions in the IP5 (China, Europe, Japan, Korea, and the United States) are updating their guidelines to address the challenges of AI in the patent process, specifically stating that AI cannot be an inventor but highlighting its role in aiding human-driven patentable innovations. This highlights the growing role of artificial intelligence in patent law.

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Solve Intelligence Joins Intel Ignite

Intel® Ignite announce that Solve Intelligence™ is among the 2024 Intel Ignite companies.

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USPTO’s Guidance on the Use of Artificial Intelligence

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs) increasingly integrate into legal practices, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued new guidance to assist patent attorneys and the public with its adoption, including the adoption of patent software and AI tools in assisting intellectual property attorneys with the patent drafting process, patent prosecution, and other areas of patent law.

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Solve Intelligence raises $3M

Who invested in us. Where we’re going.

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Insights from the 2023 Robot Patent Drafting Conference: The Future of AI in Patent Law

Key insights from the 2023 Robot Patent Drafting Conference emphasize the importance of confidentiality in AI integration, the necessity for adaptable AI approaches, and acknowledge a notable 5x efficiency increase over the last 18 months, indicating a pragmatic shift in AI-driven patent law.

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Analyzing and Enhancing Invention Disclosures with AI

Solve Intelligence introduces an AI-enhanced document editor that streamlines patent drafting by filling in invention disclosure gaps and preempting competitor workarounds, ensuring comprehensive and robust patent applications.

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AI Patent Drafting with Example-Based Customization

Solve Intelligence's AI software now automatically configures itself from provided patent examples to adopt their unique drafting style, enhancing personalization and streamlining the patent drafting process for attorneys.

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AI-Powered Patent Proofreading and Analysis

Solve Intelligence leverages advanced AI to enhance patent proofreading and analysis, offering detailed comments for higher quality, enforceable patents.

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AI-Driven Patent Drawing Analysis and Integration

Solve Intelligence's AI-enhanced document editor streamlines patent drafting by automating the integration of technical drawings and reference labels into the specification, offering a precise and efficient approach to patent drafting.

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Patent Drafting with Custom AI Styles

Solve Intelligence introduces customizable AI style presets in our patent drafting software, ensuring attorneys can infuse their unique style into efficient, high-quality patents while maintaining firm-specific confidentiality.

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Revolutionising Patent Writingl - Welcome to Solve Intelligence

Tl;dr: We use AI to help you write high-quality patents quickly. We do this by providing a simple in-browser document editor that any patent attorney or inventor can start using straight away

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