Chris Parsonson
September 20, 2023

Revolutionizing Patent Drafting - Welcome to Solve Intelligence

We use AI to help you write high-quality patents quickly. We do this by providing a simple in-browser document editor that any patent attorney or inventor can start using straight away. Request a demo today.

Revolutionizing Patent Drafting - Welcome to Solve Intelligence

From left to right: Solve Intelligence co-founders Angus, Sanj, and Chris (Angus's brother) in San Francisco.

What are we building?

We are building an in-browser document editor powered by AI to help legal professionals and inventors write patents.

Our product can help with all stages of the patent life cycle, from writing and enhancing the initial invention disclosure and drafting the patent application to responding to office actions and opposition objections.

Why are we building it?

IP legal professionals are bandwidth-constrained and often have to turn down new clients to ensure a high quality of service for their existing customers. Moreover, much of the value they provide for their clients is in advising on IP strategy rather than cumbersome patent drafting and reviewing. Similarly, inventors are often reluctant to take time out of their workflow to fill out invention disclosure forms, have lengthy back-and-forths with attorneys, and review patent drafts. These factors lead to lost revenue for IP firms and lower IP portfolio value for inventors and tech companies.

There's a need for software solutions which can make the patenting process more efficient for both attorneys and inventors.

Most existing IP software focuses on search (finding related technology). However, the generative steps of drafting a patent and responding to examiners and competitors make up 90%+ of the time costs.

Enter AI, which can now help with generative patent tasks. At Solve Intelligence, we have assembled a world-class team of AI PhDs and software developers. Our goal? To leverage and build on recent AI breakthroughs to transform the patenting process.

Who are we building for?

Our product is for any IP legal professional or inventor striving to draft and review high-quality patents efficiently.

Join us

If you are a patent attorney, and inventor, or even just interested in the intersection of AI and intellectual property, we would love to hear from you. Request a demo, and we promise to get back to you within 24 hours.